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Frequently Asked Questions

For Government Employees

Q: What are the terms and conditions that apply to the hotels?
A: The terms and conditions are 'here'
Q: I need some help with my search.
A: To begin your search, click the name of a community/city. To be more specific you can add a location that you want to be near, for example, Vancouver International Airport. You can even click ‘Change Radius’ to choose a distance that most appeals to you.
Q: I'm attending a conference and the rate is higher than what is posted.
A: Properties that are hosting conferences, facilitated by a third party and for which there is a conference rate negotiated with the conference organizer, are not obliged to offer rooms to government travellers at the discounted government rate if the government traveller identifies themselves as a conference participant, and the conference rate is extended to the government traveller.
Q: The hotel is not honouring or quoting the rate that is listed.
A: The rates listed are for standard rooms only. It is possible that the hotel does not have any standard rooms available for the date you are travelling and they are quoting you the next available room rate. If this is the case then you should go to another property that has a room available at the listed rate.

Confirm that the hotel knows you are interested in the rates for the Provincial Government as they may be giving you the Federal Government rate.

Also consider your occupancy. If you are travelling with someone and sharing a room there could be an additional cost per person. If this is the case then the double or twin rate would be quoted.

Finally, check the property’s blackout dates. If your travel occurs on the hotel’s blackout date the hotel is not obligated to provide you with a room at the listed government rate.

If none of the above applies, contact Procurement Services Branch at
Q: Trouble when phoning the toll-free number or reservation line and not being able to obtain the provincial government rate
A: Many chain hotels have reservation call centers outside of Canada. They will often quote the Federal Government rate and may not be familiar with the Provincial Government rate. Try contacting the property directly. If they put you through to the reservation call centre again, simply inform them that you wish to speak to someone at the hotel.
Q: I've been charged a levy or fee

A: All fees and levies are included in the rates listed. At checkout, hotels might break down these fees on a separate line. The standard room rate and these fees must total what is listed.

The destination marketing fee (DMF) and taxes assessed by a government (i.e. provincial sales tax and municipal and regional district tax) will be charged in addition to the standard room rate listed.

Q: A hotel is asking for a letter as proof that I am entitled to receive the provincial rate.

A: Acceptable identification could vary depending on your employer. Identification will include, at a minimum, traveller’s name and employer.

Business card, photo identification, or business email address (e.g. or are acceptable forms of identification for BC Government employees, BC Public Sector entity employees, Alberta, Saskatchewan or State of Washington business travellers. Pay stub may also be used.

Consultants/Contractors of the BC Government or BC Public Sector entities shall present to a property a letter of authorization from the Province’s or entity’s contract manager naming the individual requesting the government rate and stating the start and finish dates of the contract. A template can be found here.

If the property will not accept any of the above, contact Procurement Services Branch at

Q: I work for a BC Public Sector entity. Can I use the list?
A: Employees and officials of BC Public Sector entities, on official business, are permitted access to the listing as long as the entity has a MOU with Procurement Services Branch. A list of entities authorized to access provincial government rates is posted 'here'
Q: What is a standard Accommodation (Room)?
A: A standard room or accommodation is a normal room offered by the property. It is clean, heated, with a bed, television and self-contained washroom. Properties are required to supply a standard room, at the listed rate, if one is available. If the hotel is sold out of standard rooms they may offer a better quality room at the same rate, but are not obligated to do so unless the original room reservation was confirmed / guaranteed.
Q: What do the different occupancy types mean?
A:  Single (S): One person occupying the room;
     Double (D): Two people and one bed in the room; and
     Twin (T): Two people and two beds in the room.
Q: What is included in a Full Breakfast?
A: Bacon, sausage, or ham or meat alternative (beans, lentils, tofu, seeds/nuts), cereal, fruit, toast (white/whole wheat bread), bagel, baked goods, yogurt, eggs (hard-boiled, scrambled or omelette), pancakes and/or waffles, oatmeal/porridge, coffee, tea, milk, milk beverage alternative (soy, almond), and fruit juices.
Q: What is the difference between a Continental Breakfast and a Deluxe Continental Breakfast?

A: Continental Breakfast is defined as: Coffee, tea, milk, fruit juices, cereal, fruit, toast (white/whole wheat bread), bagel and a selection of baked goods (e.g. muffins, croissants, and pastries) and may offer a milk beverage alternative (soy, almond).

The Deluxe Continental includes the above plus yogurt, eggs (hard-boiled, scrambled or omelette), pancakes and/or waffles, and oatmeal/porridge.

Q: Why is the hotel I stayed at last month not showing up in my search for this month?
A: The hotel (or property) may not have submitted a rate for the month or the rate they submitted was too high so they were not successful for the month. Properties submit rates by month so each monthly rate submitted could be different. Also, not all properties submit rates for every month of the year. High season, low season and mid-season vary from property to property so properties need to be able to submit different rates for each month. During evaluations, each month in each community is evaluated separately.

For Properties:

Q: How can I get my hotel, motel, B&B, etc. (Properties) to be a part of the accommodation list?
A: Properties should send an email to with the following information: Property Name, complete address, phone number, email address, Contact name, contact phone number and contact email address. With this information a listing can be created in the database so when emails are sent out regarding the opportunity to submit rates you will automatically be notified.
Q: Once my property is in the database when can I submit rates?
A: The opportunity to submit rates for the following year occurs in the fall. Properties in the database will be sent an email once the opportunity is posted. The opportunity is open for four weeks. After the opportunity closes the rates are evaluated. The approved rates are posted early December.
If your question has not been answered by one of the above, please contact Procurement Services at